From the perspective of a person who’s learning a craft, being confronted by the work of a truly towering figure in the field can be fractious. There are certain kinds of geniuses whose work, while perfect and complete and as unalterable as the word of god, possesses a character that makes you think that one … More Geniuses

Father’s Day

From where I sit on the floor, I can see my father and mother at angles to me – she playing Solitaire and he watching TV. I remember that it was Marcus Lemonis on The Profit, which is one of the many, many business rescue shows my dad watches. It’s paused on a close-up of … More Father’s Day


Hey kids, From here on in, The Backwards Wheel will be hosted on a separate blog that you can find here. All chapters and director’s commentary will eventually be posted there. This blog is reserved for more general writing about stuff. See you soon!

The Backwards Wheel, Chapter 1 commentary: writing an opening

Backwards Wheel chapter 1 — Please note that the body of this post will contain spoilers. Please read the embedded PDF prior to going further. Or don’t. That’s also fine. But spoilers. I wanted to talk about the thought process that went into making this book in a granular way, so I’m going to break it … More The Backwards Wheel, Chapter 1 commentary: writing an opening

Writing as a mindset

Here’s how you write: lkjdsgb[OAEJgbfOA”JSDv’lSKJbv’zsdougfvb”KDLncdbA”Ojdvb “lKxLknxc/’l, c/.,ZMXcb/LJkscb Got it? Okay, I’m serious. You don’t believe me, but that’s how you do it. About a month ago I went back to my alma mater (which is latin for “plentiful boar-meat”) and did a little lecture on what it actually for real means to be a writer. … More Writing as a mindset